No Fixed Address

On July 31, 2016 Jeff and I became location independent. While a lot has changed in the last 18 months, one thing has not, I still have no fixed address and I love it!

Location Independent Day 2,632

That’s seven years, 2 months and 17 days. Wow, it really seems a lot when I say it out loud, but it has gone by very fast. Over that time Jeff and I were able to see and experience so much! I keep getting asked if I am now going to stay in one place. I did think about looking at apartments, but quickly realized that it did not feel right, at least not for now. So no fixed address it is!

Visit all 50 States

My travels this year have been focused on the US. Jeff and I wanted to visit all 50 states and managed to get to 39 of them together. This spring and summer I visited:

  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
    • As well as Massachusetts and New York (which I’d been to before)

Our rule was that if you don’t stay overnight it does not count so I had stays in Providence, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, New Haven, Portsmouth and Portland (as well as Boston and NYC). 

State Visit Highlights:

  • Providence, RI is beautiful, historic, ‘stately’ and part of the original 13 colonies. It had the first anti-slavery law in the US. The riverwalk and the downtown can be strolled and explored in one good day.
  • I loved Philadelphia! The Reading Terminal Market is like Pike Place in Seattle but bigger and better with more food options to eat there or take away. The National Historic Park (including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell) are fascinating. the 300 year old Elfreth’s is a not-to-miss historic site. This visit actually made me start planning an Eastern Canada trip to learn more about Canada.
  • Yale University in New Haven Connecticut is like a scene out of Harry Potter. Students are assigned to a residential college, not by faculty, so they learn the perspectives of others. The buildings are beautiful and the rare book library was fascinating.

State Visit Lowlights:

  • The Atlantic City Boardwalk is overrated. It is too commercial, quite dirty, and with nothing of note to see and do. I did ride the ferris wheel which had a good view of the beach. The beach itself, and ocean view, was underwhelming. I guess I am truly a West Coaster at heart.

Seven States to Go!

I will be visiting Vermont with my Mom over US Thanksgiving to meet up with British/Canadian friends who now live in Boston. Vermont is state # 45.

Next spring’s plans include the six remaining states – Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virgina, Maryland and Delaware – ending the trip in Washington, DC.

I hope to keep up the blog with all of the adventures.

If you are ever looking for trip tips or just want to chat about travel give me a call, text or message. There is nothing I like to talk about more than travel.
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