Road Trip 2024 – Part 2

The road trip continued with visits to the last 6 states on the list - West Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Success! All 50 states visited!

Part II – Winnipeg to Boston

The Winnipeg to Boston part of my road trip journey was not a direct route. I needed to first head south east to Huntington West Virginia to visit state # 45 before turning back north to Michigan. West Virginia was out of the way which is likley why Jeff and I had never managed to visit on all our drives south. Any really I had no desire to see it 😉

After West Virginia the trip took me to Dearborn Michigan (state # 46) to see the Ford Factory and the Museum of Innovation. In downtown Detroit I was close enough to take a picture across the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario. So many kilometres driven and still so close to Canada. 🇨🇦 

Next came Akron and Cleveland Ohio (state # 47) to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I expected the Rock & Roll Museum to be my favourite of the four but in fact it was the Ford Factory followed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I arrived in Boston on May 27 after driving 4,762 kilometres from Winnipeg and spending $405.73 (CAN) on fuel. This, added to Part I of the road trip makes 7,264 kilometres, $727.02 in gas costs and 47 states visited.

Part III – Boston to South Carolina

After rest, recovery and work time in Boston it was time to head out for the last three states. Delaware (state #48) included a visit to University of Delaware in Newark, DE. The last two states Maryland (state #49) and Virginia (state # 50) were all about visiting the beach! 

Ocean City, Maryland is a resort town with miles of beach and a wooden boardwalk. It is located on a barrier island between mainland Maryland and a bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Virginia Beach, Virginia is a costal city with a 3-mile beachfront boardwalk. It is located where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Both places were beautiful and perfect and it was perfect to spend the last two days of the official road trip walking the beach.

South Carolina 

After the last state I visited Carl in South Carolina for two weeks before heading to Washington, DC for the 1st time because once you’ve visited all 50 states D.C. seems like the next logical choice.

I arrived in Little River, South Carolina on June 12 after driving 3,379 kilometres from Boston (with side trips in New York, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia) and spending $214.75 (CAN) on fuel. Gas got cheaper and cheaper as I went South. This, added to Part I and II of the road trip makes 10,603 kilometres, $941.77 in fuel costs so far.

A blog on Washington DC and my favourite parts of the USA coming soon.

Next up – the last 4 Canadian provinces – NB, NS, NFLD and PEI.

You don’t have to be location independent to see the world. It just helps. Sometimes it is complicated and sometimes it’s not…but it is ALWAYS worth it!

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Road Trip 2024 – Part 2

The road trip continued with visits to the last 6 states on the list – West Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Success! All 50 states visited!


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