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Sales Training Sample Itinerary


  • Sales is not a dirty word. We are all in sales. Understanding your role.
  • About the basic sales process and how it has changed.
  • Sales and marketing definitions
  • Where are your sales funnels? What tools do you have?
  • Goal setting


  • Telling your story. Creating your own content.
  • Having powerful phone conversations
  • Email sales excellence
  • CRM / Tracking Tools
    • System, Frequency, Accountability

The Golf Facility will be required to provide:

  • Access to a meeting room and screen
  • Availability of General Manager, other key employees, all staff and other stakeholders during various times of the day

On site visit schedules can be reduced or expanded to suit a facilities needs and budget. Sales training can be a half day or a full day but should have a portion of the meeting that includes ALL staff. If one or more areas of the operation is leased out this may also include working with the leased operations as well as with the golf course’s own staff.

CK Golf has conducted sales training at various types of golf facilities as well as for other for profit organizations and non-profits. The key to success has been accountability and the follow-up that we provide to help keep the Management Team on track with their goals after the visit.

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