Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Shop all in one
A sleek renovation in the old Blue Horizon Hotel on Robson Street has created a new space called Abode that has become a favorite. With the tag line “Comfort, Cookery, Coffee” Abode features a restaurant, bar and cafe. Last month we wrote about the brunch menu (see previous post) which was impressive. For the last few weeks, with the heat keeping us from working at home, the cafe section of Abode has been a welcoming retreat. With good air-conditioning, free and fast wifi, nice staff, the choice of high top or bench seats, plugs for working (bench seats only) and Amazing (with a capital A) baked goods it is a nice change from the usual coffee shop.

 The menu includes a daily brewed coffee ($3) and a line up of espresso, americano, macchiato, latte and cappuccino all at a reasonable price (ranging from $3 to $4). There are brewed teas and the usual lattes (chai, macha and london fog) as well as a daily brewed iced tea. For me what makes the lattes stand apart from Starbucks and Blenz is that you actually wait for the tea to be brewed (with whole tea leaves, not a bag) before the latte is made. For for me to be able to get an Earl Grey Tea Latte with skim milk and no sweetener in a nice mug with no tea bag for only $4 – I was hooked.

 Next I found out that with the new renovation to the hotel that Abode had hired a new chef and a dedicated pastry chef. All of the sweet treats are made in house and include cookies, biscotti, scones, muffins, tarts and Amazing squares and cakes. Prices are again very reasonable ranging from $2.25 for a cookie to $3.50 for bread pudding.

I tried the Carrot Cake ($3.25) on my first visit. It was moist with lots of flavor and the topping was creamy, very rich and delicious. No lunch needed after working here in the morning.

On another visit I tried the Lemon Square ($3.25) and brewed green tea ($3.25). Another hit with the lemon square. And again no lunch needed. Not a healthy way to go, but delicious!

 The bar area is also inviting and looks like a good place to meet with a small group of friends. The small plates menu that I saw has some interesting options. The Abode website is still not up-to-date and I could not find the menus online to share them. 

 The cafe leads directly into the lobby of the hotel which I thought would make for a lot of traffic but during the three times I have visited it has been quiet in the cafe. This may not last once more people hear about the renovation but for now it is a nice change from coffee bars. A great place to get some work done and enjoy a tasty treat!


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