Location Independent 
Part of the deal with living and working ‘location independent‘ is finding not only good places to stay but also good cities to work in. This year we have spent a little over three weeks of our Southern travel (at different times and in between destinations) in Las Vegas. One of our friends even asked if we are now the Mayor of Vegas based on the time we’ve spent here. Not quite but getting close I think!

Las Vegas as a Work Destination
Surprisingly, of all the places we’ve visited over the past 5+ months, Las Vegas has turned into a great work destination for us. The key has been the two great time share units we have had. Both have been very conducive to getting work done and managing our business while on the road.

Grandview in Las Vegas is located at the far end of the strip (mostly removed from it). It is a resort made up of 7 0r  8 towers and is adjacent to the South Point Casino (which is a small casino by Las Vegas standards). It has a number of decent restaurants and some good work space (with decent WIFI, the most important thing to us). We stay in a one bedroom condo with good working space, in-suite laundry (also important when you travel), a number of pools, hot tubs and BBQ’s (if we get the desire to cook). Overall Grandview provides us with a good working environment without too many distractions.

Marriott Vacation Club
The Marriott Vacation Club is our new go to spot in Las Vegas and we will likely never stay anywhere else in the future. The room is a spacious one bedroom with plenty of work space (and in-suite laundry). The best part is that it is located one short block off the strip. While there are pools and hot tubs on the 5th floor and 38th floors there is no gaming areas in the resort, so no daytime distractions. While there are lounges on the 1st, 5th and 38th floors, for the most part, they are quite in the late afternoon. We can work in any of them if we don’t feel like working in the room anymore. In the evening, the location is prime walking distance to a number of lounges, bars and restaurants. Perfect! And we keep growing our Marriott loyalty rewards. The last week we spent in Las Vegas we only visited a casino one night. Next time you are in Vegas give this resort a try, you won’t be disappointed (if you have kids, they will love the pool areas too).


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