Our Wine Inventory
Those of you that know us know that we take great pide in our wine collection!  However without a trip to the Okanagan lately or a wine tasting event our inventory is dwindeling.  However a couple of days ago, during yet “another” cooking at home venture, we went to our ‘wine locker’ for a unique bottle.

Red Rooster Meritage
As you may know by now we lease a row of vines at Red Rooster Winery.  So on this day after reviewing our inventory we discovered we had four bottles of the Red Rooster Meritage 2005 and had not yet tasted one!

The Wine
The quick answer is it was great!  We both throughly enjoyed it.  If you didn’t know, Red Rooster is located on the Naramata Bench just outside of Penticton.  With good flavour of Raspberry it had a smooth long lingering finish which was fantastic.  We paired it with chicken the first night and pizza the second and it fit with both meals.

You can view our Flickr photoset from a trip to the winery last October.