Quail’s Gate
Quail’s Gate Winery, a member of the Okanagan VQA program, was established on the Okanagan bench in 1956. It is the only desert wine growing region in British Columbia. One of Canada’s foremost family owned and operated estate wine producers, Quails’ Gate is internationally recognized as a top quality producer of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay primarily.

The Winery
While we did not taste either the Pinot Noir or Chardonnay on this day, we are quite fond of the Pinot Noir and rank it among our favourites. However as it has been over a year since we visited the winery and we are out of the Pinot Noir we only had one bottle of 2005 Old Vines Foch left from our previous visit.

Our Review
In our opinion Quail’s Gate wines represent the best of what the Okanagan stands for, fresh, crisp fruit flavours. The Old Vines Foch delivered big time! It had a big fruity smell and super smooth finish with little taste of Oak, which fits our pallets well. We really enjoyed the wine and it fit nicely with some Sea Bass and pasta. It is again on our must purchase list.