Okanagan Wine
The other night, after a long day of home cooking (yes, we rarely do this as evident by the comments we got on Twitter and Facebook expressing shock by the photo of Tara cooking that we posted), we decided to open a bottle of grape with a great pasta we had made. To go with rolled lasagne noodle pasta stuffed with a ricotta cheese mixture we decided that we wanted something a little “bigger” than our usual favourites from the Pinot and Gamay families.

 BC Wines
As normal for us we choose a wine from BC, Mission Hill Family Estate to be specific. We purchased this Cabernet Sauvignon after visiting the winery about two years ago while on a tasting of Okanagan Vineyards. Mission Hill is one of the more established wines of the Okanagan Valley and their new building is large and impressive. The wine is darker in color then our normal favourites, but with dark fruit and earthy notes it fit well with our pasta dinner. It is aged in both French and American barrels which Tara doesn’t care for, but she did manage to enjoy a second glass.

Overall this is wine we (or at least Jeff) would recommend and have again!! At $25 it may be a bit at the top end of price for an every day bottle of wine.