Hillside Estate Old Vines Gamay Noir
We’ve been on the road quite a bit lately for work and finally had a few days at home. We decided on a Lasagne Pasta dinner and both felt it was time to crack into the wine cellar for a bottle of grape. On this day we choose the Hillside Estate Old Vines Gamay Noir 2008. We were trying to recall where we bought this wine and settled on Penticton at a local wine shop.

About Hillside Estate Winery
Hillside Estate Winery’s legacy began in 1984 when Bohumir and Vera Klokocka replaced their old apricot orchard with grapevines. The first commercial release of a Hillside wine was the 1989 Auxerrois which received Hillside’s first VQA (Vintner’s Quality Alliance) seal of approval.

Hillside Estate Tasting
We both loved this wine. It is a barrel aged wine that in our opinion is light in body and full of fruit flavour. Tara immediately declared it as one of her favourites! It is recommended to be served with fish, duck or port dishes. However we both agreed that it went great with the Lasagne.

Pick up a bottle today from your local wine shop we don’t think you will be disappointed!