Wine Tasting at Home
It has been a while since we have done any
wine tasting at home, no excuses, we’ve just been really busy and have been working well into the evenings.

However a couple of nights ago we decided a break was in order and with a pasta dinner decided to open a bottle.

First Cape
We had been doing a bit of reading about wines and choose the First Cape Pinotage from South Africa. We found this wine at the Liberty Wine Merchant on Robson Street and at $17.99 for bottle decided to give it a try.


The Taste
South Africa, among other things, is known for the Pinotage grape. Our vintage was a 2008 with what we thought was light fruit flavours resembling many Pinot Noir’s we have tasted in the past. However the website says it has a Smokey taste, but we really didn’t get that from this wine.

The Outcome
This is a wine we both really enjoyed and at the price point it will definitely find its way into our wine cabinet again soon.