Cooper Moon Malbec
Seems like we’ve done this a fair bit lately! Another meal at home (picked up at Urban Fare) and another wine tasting at home with Copper Moon Malbec.

We picked this wine up at a BC Liquor Store not to long ago as we had read a decent review about it. For the $8.29 price tag, if we poured it out after a glass we wouldn’t have lost much.

Tasting Copper Moon
It was a pretty low key evening for us consisting of early Hockey Night in Canada and the newish version of ‘Get Smart’ with Steve Carell on TV. But with our re-heated Urban Fare dinner (re-heating is cooking so back off) we decided to open a bottle of wine. To be honest we don’t really remember the price of the wines we have outside of maybe 20 of the ‘special’ $50 bottles we usually have in inventory.


The Wine
So we opened and tasted this bottle of Copper Moon Malbec with our dinner and it was good. This wasn’t really a surprise; we do a bit of research when purchasing our wines. However until writing this blog neither of us could remember the price ($8.29).

Our only disappointment with this wine was discovering, while it was in the BC wine section, that it is cellared in Ontario, Newfoundland and Kelowna, British Columbia. And it also has both domestic and imported grapes!!

However it is still a great wine at the price when you get to the third bottle at a dinner party!!