VQA Wineries
Blasted Church was one of the first VQA Wines from the Okanagan Valley we grew to love when first getting into wine, in particular red grape. VQA stands for Vintners Quality Alliance and is a label or method in which consumers can indentify Canadian Wines based on the region in which the grapes are produced. VQA sets very high standards for its wines.

Blasted Church
Set in the Okanagan Falls area, Blasted Church gets it name from the failed attempt to dismantle an old wooden church in 1929. The wooden steeple was saved and 108 years later stands proudly as part of the home of Blasted Church winery. Blasted Church is one of the most recognized wine brands in the Okanagan.

The Dam Flood
A few days ago we tasted a bottle of the 2008 Dam Flood and while pretty sure we had previously tasted the 05’ and 07’ Dam Flood we don’t think we had blogged about the wine (after a very quick look through our blog archives). For some reason the Dam Flood was not listed on their website… we hope it is still in production as we thoroughly believe this is a great wine at a great price point! It has a smooth finish and a clean taste with little hint of Oak (which we like), a deep fruity smell and taste. Loved it and hope to get another couple of bottles soon!