Who Said Nothing Good Came of Twitter
So a couple of weeks ago Jeff was on Twitter posting a link to one of our many wine blogs when Black Cloud Winery started following us.  As a local BC wine producer we immediatley followed back.  After some Twitter direct messages, three bottles of the Black Cloud wine were ordered.  The 2008 was a couple of weeks from being bottled, but the proprieter provided free delivery in Vancouver which we took advantage of and placed an order.

The Wine
Bradley Cooper is the winemaker and Tweeter for Black Cloud wine, he also is the winemaker for Township 7 in the Okanagan and Langley.  Black Cloud is a small label he started, we believe to create his own vintage.

The Tasting
We had our first of the three bottles of Black Cloud wine this week with a BBQ dinner of corn, steak and sliced potatoes.  The color for a Pinot Noir was excellent, bright red and vibrant.  The taste was full of fruit flavors and was quite good.  However we think in six or so months our other two bottles will be that much better.  We look forward to our next taste!