Babich Wines
A week or so ago we wrote about Babich Wines when we tasted the Hawke’s Bay Syrah Reserve at home. Rather than repeat the details about the wine and how we came to taste it, we’ll just post this link to the previous blog.

Sauvignon Blanc
We don’t really drink a lot of white wines although from recent tastings of a few different whites, some at industry tastings and others at home, we are developing a renewed palate for whites. So on this night, with a dinner of veggies and dip, a home-made cheese ball and Alaska King Crab we decided to open a bottle of white wine. In this case it was the Sauvignon Blanc Black Label from Babich Wines. As a side note the Alaska King Crab while frozen was excellent. If you enjoy our wine blogs you can view a collection of them here.

The Wine
This wine is officially called the Marlborough Black Label Sauvignon Blanc and is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Seafood is a recommended meal that worked for us. Its cellar life is 0 – 3 years, which generally we always like! It is great tasting with very little Oak or dryness in the after taste, which we like. Largely the wine is made in stainless steel tanks but a small portion of the juice is put into Oak barrels before being mixed back in. We don’t think we have tasted  wine made with this process before. In our opinion another home run for Babich Wines, two for two for us so far. We’re looking forward to aging and tasting our three more Syrah’s and one more Sauvignon Blanc again.