Okanagan Wine Tour
We had a chance to tour the Arrowleaf winery a few weeks ago on a trip from Vernon (view the blog) to a friend’s place in Kelowna (view some photos). We used to love Arrowleaf vineyards and stopped in many times on the way from Salmon Arm to Kelowna. We hadn’t been their in a number of years and on this trip made a point of stopping in for the Arrowleaf Bacchus (a favourite white wine from years ago).

The Tasting
However after tasting a couple of wines at Arrowleaf we ended up with about nine bottles of wine. We purchased three bottles of Bacchus, but another that stuck out for us was the Arrowleaf Solstice Reserve (red). On the night we tried the first bottle we barbecued some corn on the cob to go with some Mom Knight crab cakes. The wine was very good as we both agreed, although it carried a bit of a spicy after taste which we didn’t quite like or maybe didn’t quite pair with the food we were having. The Solstice Reserve is blend of 63% Merlot grape and 37% Zweigelt grapes. The wine is brewed with best environmental practices and minimal handling of the grapes. It is made using French Oak barrels that may have contributed to the strong finish. Although a 2006 varietal it tastes a bit newer than its age and we would suggest holding the 2006 for six or so months.  

You can order the Arrowleaf Solstice Reserve online at their website!