Affordable Wine
We love the wineries of BC and we tend to stick with local choices the majority of the time.  But the government’s share of BC bottles definitely makes BC wines more expensive than they really should be.  Occasionally we like to try something different and have had some really great and really cheap wines recommended to us so we thought we would share a few.  

Solaz Castilla Tempranillo/ Cabernet
We tried the 2006 but the 2007 is now available.  It is from Spain and only $11.99.  It is deep red in color and fruity.  The sweetness rating in 0.

Fuzion Shiraz Malbec
We tried the 2008 which is still available.  It is from Argentina and only $8.99 (yes really).  It is has medium body with almost a purple color.  The sweetness rating is 1.

Diego Murillo Malbec
We tried the 2007 but the 2008 is now available.  It is also from Argentina and only $9.99.  All of the grapes are hand picked. The sweetness rating in 0.

2003 Riserva del Don Colognole Chianti Rufina
This one we bought in the US and have been searching for it since.  It is Italian and at Ralph’s is was only $5.99 (which translates to at least $20 if we find it here). 

We visit a few local wine shops once in a while, Liberty Wine Merchants on Robson and Marquis Wine Cellar on Davie.  When talking to the staff they often recommend Spain and Argentina or other parts of South America for the best in wine value.  While the wine has to travel a great distance (and that is not good for the environment) we will continue to search for these great tasting values every once in a while.