Okanagan Wine Trip
OK… we were actually on a work trip through the Okanagan and into Alberta, but as we usually do we banked some time on the drive to Kelowna to stop in at a couple of our favourite wineries. Those included Quail’s Gate and Mount Boucheire. However a new winery had poped up in the short drive between the two. Volcanic Hills opened in 2010 and I’m sure we have driven by it a number of times without stopping in. However on this visit we did! It is named after the 60 million year old dormant stratovolcano, Boucherie Mountain.

The Winery
Volcanic Hill Winery consists of 80 acres of fruit bearing land along with a brand new 4,000 square foot wine shop (one of the largest in the Okanagan Valley). They were just opening their new restaurant the Blu Saffron Bistro while we were there (a place to check out next time for sure). In addition to their great wines and tasting area the Wine Shop carries a large selection of great wine inspired gifts.

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The Wine
While there we tasted four different wines (more in another blog) but for this “tasting at home” we choose a 2011 Volcanic Hills Magma White wine. Priced at $16.00 it is a good value summer white that can be enjoyed on a patio somewhere warm. The smell was an abundance of light, refreshing fruit. The initial taste offered the same with a heavy hit of acid (lime or lemon) on the finish which gave it a bit of the kick in the end. We are looking forward to tasting some of the other wines we picked up at Volcanic Hills as the summer wears on. At this price point we feel Volcanic Hills Magma White does offer a good value!


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