How We Came Upon This Wine
Back in September we were on a cruise to Alaska for Tara’s birthday and on one of the first days signed up for an afternoon wine tasting. I think it was wines of the world or something like that as we sampled wine from a variety of countries. At this particular tasting they had a few door prizes and a silent auction. As we usually do, we put on name on the silent auction page first to the get the ball rolling. Normally the price escalates and we don’t end up with the item. However this time we did “win” and ended up with a bottle of wine that we had never heard of before.

Vieux Chateau Certan
The Vieux Chateau Certan estate is located in the heart of the Pomerol plateau just a few rows of vines away from Pomerol’s famous church belfry. It is on unique land with clay and pebbles but with iron rich soil that give the winery its uniqueness. The estate has been around since 1785.

Wine Tasting at Home
As this wine is a bit pricey we decided to save it until New Year’s Eve to have with dinner. It’s been more than a few years since we have gone out to ring in the New Year. I think we just like the comfort of our own home. Watching a bunch of movies on a busy night in the city is more appealing to us than going out anymore. As most of you know we do manage to dine out a fair amount. So missing this night is not a big deal.

1999 Vieux Chateau Certan Grand Vin Pomerol
We chilled the wine in the fridge for about two hours, then opened it about an hour before dinner and decanted it. We did this mainly because we were not sure what to expect from this bottle. Dinner was served! The wine is deep red in colour and smelled fantastic, mainly dark berries. After a first taste we both turned to each other and exclaimed, “this is so smooth and it is fantastic”! We loved the taste and aromas were excellent. We entered the information as we usually into the iPhone app ‘Wine Notes’ and it quickly became our number one rated wine. It is definitely on our must have again list, but due to the price it will have to be another special occasion. Perhaps this is a new New Year’s tradition for us.