Marquis Wines
The Toscolo Chianti is another one of our wines from a recent shopping trip to the Marquis Wine store on Davie St. It was from a case of mix and match wines we selected, all of which were under $20. We were looking to try some different wines and get out of our usual routine of tasting B.C. and Austraila wine. Toscolo from Italy fit the criteria.

The winery is in an area located in the heart of central Italy’s Tuscany region, which is considered to offer one of the most stunning landscapes in the world. This zone is rich in history and the rolling hills have seen several battles over the centuries. The Tuscany wine region of central Italy is home to some of the world’s most famous and highly regarded wines. It would be nice to visit someday I am sure!

Toscolo Chianti
We tasted the 2009 Toscolo Chianti this time. The wine smelled great with an abundance of fruit flavours and a hint of French oak. In the glass the colour was a rich looking burgundy. The taste was fantastic, rich fruits, a hint of spice at the beginning with very little of the French oak in the after taste. We loved it! Truly a great find, glad that we purchased two bottles of this one when we did. At $14.99 it is a steal. We also think it is such a great wine and it could be paired with a variety of different foods too.

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