Wine Tasting in Hinton 
As some of you are aware we are spending a significant amount of time in Hinton, Alberta managing a golf course there. One of our big concerns was where we would find unique and different wines to taste. Luckily we found Wild Orchid right in town. Wild Orchid has a great craft beer selection (all chilled in a cold room), a number of taps that you can fill your Growler from and a good wine selection from around the world. Needless to say we’ve been there more than once in our first week here

The Grape Grinder Wine Company
The Grape Grinder Winery was founded in 2010 and is more than just wine, although they produce wines under a number of labels in addition to The Grinder. They have spent their time scouring the premier appellations of the Western Cape (Africa) for distinctive wines and forging partnerships with only the best cellars to make sure they source the finest in value for the winery’s various brands. They also promote the relatively new small batch Gin called ‘Cape Fynbos’. We haven’t found it in any store yet, but might be worth looking for!

The Grinder Pinotage
The wine we found at Wild Orchid was the The Grinder Pintotage. It look interesting, was cheap (about $15/ bottle) and we hadn’t had a Pinotage or a South African wine in some time so we thought we would give this a try. The wine was a dark burgundy in color but clean with nice legs. It’s medium bodied with lot’s of berry flavours like cherry and raspberry with a bit of a chocolate finish. Overall this wine represented great value and paired well with the homemade lasagne we cooked (yes, we cooked)! Give it a try if you can find The Grinder Pinotage.

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