Kamloops Wineries
The Kamloops Wine Trail is one of British Columbia’s newest wine regions but it actually has been around longer than you’d think (roughly 10 years). The ‘Trail’ has 4 licensed wineries and 6 vineyards covering 120 acres of land but it is still considered the ‘new kid on block’. After blogging about Kelowna wineries the past couple of weeks, specifically Arrowleaf, Rollingdale and Silkscarf we had a recent trip to Kamloops and a chance to visit a couple of their wineries. Sagewood is the newest.

About Sagewood
Sagewood Winery is unique in that the wine tasting and sales are done from the converted garage of the owners home, which is in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. We were fortunate to meet the owner, grape planter, wine maker and tasting room aficionado Doug. Doug planted his first grapes in 2005, and along with his family does the bottling, naming and labeling of their wines. Their ‘home’ first opened for tasting in 2014 and it is a small boutique space with only enough space for 3 or 4 tasters at once, but this adds to the experience. Sagewood has grown 17 different types of grapes on their 3.5 acre vineyard at various times and currently offer roughly half a dozen reds, half a dozen whites, a Rose, a couple sparkling wines and a Late Harvest.

Emmarie Rose’ 2018
The Sagewood Emmarie Rose’ 2018 is a light coloured rose that is easy to drink with food or just on its own. It has a really nice aroma and tastes of cherry with smooth but ‘juicy’ flavours going down. We both loved this easy drinking wine. At $17.30 per bottle we’ll make an effort to get a couple of more bottles the next time we are in or through Kamloops!

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