Okanagan Wineries
During our recent 7-week stay in the West Kelowna area we had a bunch of friends stay with us and of course we toured wineries with them. Some were new to us, others we had been to before. You can read our previous blogs about Arrowleaf and Silkscarf by clicking on the links.

Rollingdale Winery
Rollingdale was a winery we had never been to before. Located on the West side of Kelowna, it’s located just off Boucherie Road about 5 minutes drive from where we were staying. The winery is 100% family owned and operated and the winery is open everyday of the week. The tasting room is large and not fancy like some of the others but it is more function-able with small tasting stations set up around the barrels as opposed to one long counter.

Organic Estate Blanc de Merlot 2018
OK – the name might leave a little to be desired but this wine did not. Essentially it is a Rose style wine with pressed grapes like a white, with no grape skin contact. It is ultra-light pink in color and refreshing but still had more body than a regular rose – more like a light red. We both loved it! This was their 5th vintage of this wine with Merlot grapes (again with no skin contact). There is lots of fruit flavour including heavy notes of strawberry. You also can sense a higher than normal sugar content than a red would normally have. This is a winner in our opinion and our next trip to Kelowna will include a few bottle of the Estate Blanc de Merlot. At $24 a bottle it is well worth the investment.

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