Wine Tasting at Home – Osoyoos Larose
It usually takes a special occasion for us to crack into a bottle of one of our all time favourite wines. On this day it was our 16th anniversary and after being out and eating out the past four days we really didn’t feel like going out for a meal to celebrate. Either that or we’re just getting older! In any event we ordered some Chinese food using Go Waiters for the first time (a vancouver food delivery service) and opened a bottle of wine.
The Winery
Osoyoos Larose is produced in the Okanagan Valley and a combined effort of French Groupe Taillan and Vincor International of Canada. It is primairly a Bordeaux style wine made of Merlot (67%), Cabernet Sauvignon (23%), Cabernet Franc (4%), Petit Verdot (4%) and Malbec (2%) grapes. The combination of Old World wine making techniques with New World modern equipment bring together a savoury taste with each glass. Only 10,475 cases of the 2005 were produced.
Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin 2005
We had previously tasted the 2004 Le Grand Vin and while good it barely made it into our top 10. The 2005 however currently sits tied for second in our Wine Notes app that we use to keep track of all our tastings. For the record our number one rated wine is Vieux Chateau Certain 1999 while Mt. Boucherie Cabernet Franc 2004 is now tied with the Osoyoos Larose 2005. The smell had dark berry and chocolate notes to it. The colour was dark red as you would expect a Bordeaux to be. The taste was super smooth with little tannins and the flavours definitely lingered after. Mixed in a combination of French and oak barrels, there was little to no oak aftertaste. Dark fruit flavours are abundant, the flavours are very subtle and nothing over powers you. We really enjoyed this wine. At $44.99 per bottle it is in the more expensive category for us, but for a special occassion it is easy to enjoy.