Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery
We’ve not been to the Winery itself and are not sure where this wine came from exactly. It may have been a speaker gift for Screenshot 2016-07-18 18.39.45Jeff from a recent talk. A little research show that the winery began in 2001 on only 3.5 acres of land. Shortly after, proprietors Jim and Leslie D’Andrea added another 18 acres of vines to produce their dream of owning and operating a winery. The winery is named for the noble varieties of grapes grown and the ridge that divides the land on which they thrive.

Noble Ridge Reserve Pinot Noir
As we were packing, getting ready for our adventure, we opened the Noble Ridge 2012 Reserve Pinot Noir. This Pinot Noir was quite a bit darker in colour, not typically what we would expect from a Pinot. The fruit flavours we very strong with strawberry and some plum dominating the taste. We noted a bit of spice at the finish but certainly not an over powering amount. Overall I would say we enjoyed this wine. At $29.90 for a good Pinot Noir it is a bit pricy but worth the indulgence in our opinion!


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