Mt. Boucherie Winery
Mt. Boucherie vineyards are located in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. They have over 200 acres of grape growing land that makes them one of the largest family owned vineyards in BC. They have owned and operated the vineyard since 1968. All Mt. Boucherie wines are produced with 100% estate grown grapes. We have visited Mt. Boucherie several times and always leave with a box (or two) never a bag.

Mt. Boucherie Summit Reserve Cabernet Franc
We selected the 2005 Summit Reserve Cabernet Franc on this night in part because we had three of them in the wine cabinet. However, when we checked our Wine Notes app we found out that we had previously tried this wine on New Year’s eve in 2010, it was the 2004 version of the Summit Reserve Cabernet Franc. That wine currently holds the second highest rating of all the wines we have tasted and recorded.
2005 Mt. Boucherie Summit Reserve Cabernet Franc
The 2005 had great colour and strong cheery, black current and coffee aromas. It was very smooth tasting but with a strong spicy aftertaste. Don’t get us wrong it was very good but a little spicy for our taste. It is recommended to be paired with pasta or lamb, but with such big flavours we think it might go better with a steak. It did still make our top 10 on the Wine Notes app and we look forward to trying another bottle one day soon!

Mt. Boucherie 2005 Summit Reserve Cabernet Franc

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