This Wine Tasting
This wine tasting at home blog is a little different the ones we usually write as it actually includes some home cooking to go along with the tasting. We’ve been trying for about a week to cook more at home and do less of the pick up and go type dinners that have become our norm. While we call this cooking at home, you quickly realize it is still our version of ‘home cooking’. But for us it is an effort on our part!

To prepare for our week of cooking we headed over to Granville Island, on a bright sunny Vancouver winter day, to meet a friend for a working lunch. After lunch we decided to pick up a number of ingredients for our week, or rather five days of cooking for ourselves. Yes, we planned to use both the stove and oven for our meals! 

The Meal
On this night our meal was to consist of pan seared Bay Scallops tossed in an alfredo sauce (from a package) with fettucini noodles. The meal turned out great, but the sauce  was a bit on the weak side. We will make it from scratch next time. However, one of the best parts is that there was a left over meal when we were done for another day. We love that part! (Sorry about the shadow in the pic, my head got in the way).

The Wine
We previously blogged about Mt. Boucherie Cabernet Franc and for this meal we again choose a Mt. Boucherie wine. For this meal it was a 2009 Summit Reserve Pinot Noir. We had not had the Pinot Noir from this winery before, but based on the fact that it was in our wine cabinet, we must have tasted it at the winery and enjoyed it. So out popped the cork and we were off. You can read about the winery by clicking the above link, so rather than repeat any information we’ll just talk about the Pinot Noir. The wine was a vibrant light red in colour and smelled of strawberry and raspberries. It is medium to light bodied and easy to drink. It would definitely be a good summer red sipper. There was no spicy after taste which paired great with the scallops and fettucini alfredo. We quite enjoyed it and would recommend you give it a try. 

Leave a comment about this wine or suggestion of another we should try.