Okanagan Wine
If you haven’t already guessed it we are big fans of Okanagan wine, after visiting the Napa Valley and Italy our favourite choices always come back to the Okanagan. There are so many choices and so much care is put into each bottle that you cannot help but love the wines of British Columbia.

Meyer Pinot Noir
Meyer carefully selects their grapes from three main vineyards:                          Meyer

  • McLean Creek Road Vineyard in Okanagan Falls, BC
  • Old Main Road Vineyard in Naramata, BC
  • Reimer Vineyard in Kelowna, BC

The winery itself is located on McLean Road in Okanagan Falls. We had a chance to visit it during a trip through the region last summer. We went specifically for the Pinot Noir which we had previously had in a restaurant (can’t remember which one, it was a while ago).

The Meyer Family Pinot Noir (2013) was very light in colour and had heavy fruit flavours with very little after taste, a smooth red for sure! We found it a little smokey at first but it finished excellent, nice and light.

Unfortunately this was the only bottle we had, so I guess we need to head back to the winery to pick up another! This is definitely a wine you will want to add to your go to’s.

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