Les Combes d’Arnevel 
It’s month #2 of our wine club membership in Hinton, Alberta from our favourite wine shop, Wild Orchid. We previewed a bottle from our first month here. Our second batch of wine arrived and the first bottle we choose to open was the Cairanne Red (or Cairanne Rouge if you are French).

The Les Combes d’Arnevle Winery
Although we have been to France once, and only to a few wineries, we are intrigued by French wines and wine regions.. This winery has a “splendid unit of 25 uninterrupted hectares of wines, around an ancient little hunting shelter lost in the middle of trees, 4 km far from Chateauneuf du Pape Village. Since 1864, The Famille Quiot is the owner of this plot ‘les Combes d’Arnevels’ located in the north-west of the appellation”. Its definitely sounds like a winery that we should visit!

Cairanne Red
The Cairanne Red by Les Combes d’Arnevel is a light red/ burgundy in colour. It is a fairly light tasting red. We expected it to be a bit heavier being a French wine. It certainly had some flavour of Cherry but was not overly dark. It also didn’t have any lingering taste of the French Oak we were expecting. We enjoyed this wine more than we expected to. At $26/ bottle ($22 for Wild Orchid Wine Club members)it is worth a try. However, it may be difficult to find if not at a specialty wine shop.

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