Desert Hills
Desert Hills winery is located in Canada’s only desert, the Southern Okanagan Valley near Oliver. It is a family owned estate purchased in 1988. The vineyard grows Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Gamay, Malbec, Merlot and Pinot Gris on their 24 acres. We visited the winery a while ago (can’t even remember the date) and picked up a few different bottles. This was the first time we had opened one.

Desert Hills Syrah
Although the wine is suggested to be paired with prime rib and game meats we chose on this night to pair it with ribs and potatoe (Jeff) and pasta (Tara). The Desert Hills Syrah Select 2006 was good (not great) with flavours of dark berry, chocolate and a spicy after taste it paired alright with the ribs, but was a bit spicy with the pasta. We should have expected that, but we did really want to try one of our Desert Hills selections on that night.

 Next Tasting
We rated the Syrah Select in the middle of the pack on the Wine Notes app we use to log-in all our tastings. While an average bottle, in our opinion, we do have a bottle of Desert Hills Gamay waiting to be opened and look forward to giving it a try. The website currently lists the Gamay as it’s wine of the month!

Has anyone tried the Desert Hills Syrah or Gamay?