La Gravette
Situated in the Minervois region just east of Carcassonne in France, the Orosquette family have been producing wine for several generations. The vineyards set largely on the slopes of the area. Only the highest quality fruit is used and they have over 100 hectares of vines.

Not A Red Wine
As most of you know we tend to stay to B.C., Austailia and most recently have been getting into more wines from Italiy. This particular wine from the French region of Southern Minervois was a recent dip into something new. With the warm weather in Vancouver recently we have been dining on our 4th floor patio for about the past two weeks and usually tasting a bottle of red on most nights. At the suggestion of some friends, due to the heat outside, it was suggested we try something lighter than red wine for hot summer days. So on this day we selected a 2011 Chateau La Gravette that we had in the wine locker which was purchased from Marquis Wines on Davie.

Chateau La Gravette Rose
We were both looking forward to tasting this wine on a nice warm Vancouver evening. With a light dinner of some BBQ Quesadilla and Salmon with baguette we figured the wine would be a nice pairing. The wine is Rose and a blend of mostly Syrah and Grenache grapes. It is very light, almost orange in colour and looked to be very refreshing. It wasn’t! Very dark fruit flavours (not sure how they get the colour to be so light) and it was VERY dry tasting, not light and fruity at all. Needless to say we won’t buy this wine again, but are not giving up on finding a Rose we will enjoy before summer is out. We have another Rose rack ready to go for another day!