Wine Tasting at Home 
It’s been a while since we’ve posted a wine tasting at home blog. It’s not because we haven’t been having a glass of vino with dinner but more because we have been busy with work and blogging fell off the radar a bit. But either way we are going to get back at it.

Castoro de Oro Winery
This winery was born in 2006 and the wine shop opened a few months later. The winery co-owners Bruno Kelle and Stella Schmidt are self proclaimed “farmers who enjoy making good wine”. They are located in the heart of BC’s wine country on highway 97 halfway between Oliver and Osoyoos. The wine shop is open daily for a tasting if you are in the area. We visited the tasting room a number of years ago, can’t remember what we tasted, but do remember having a good experience. It’s a tiny space with warm welcoming staff and you are literally almost in the vines. Plus the wine labels are cool!

Castoro de Oro Pinot Noir
Ironically we found this gem of a BC wine at a wine shop in Northern Alberta. Tara had to have it, and at $24.99 the price was not unreasonable for a good BC Pinot Noir. Smells of cherry and chocolate hit the nose. We would consider this a medium bodied Pinot Noir with smooth strawberry flavours in the taste. Overall a solid 8.5/10 and a wine we would have again. If you see a bottle, give it a try, we don’t think you will be disappointed.

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