Burrowing Owl Visits
We’ve visited and tasted Burrowing Owl wines a number of times. One of our favourites has been the Burrowing Owl Cabernet Franc (you can read a previous blog about it here).  Our most recent trip to the winery was in October, 2011 (you can read that post here) where we picked up their 2009 Pinot Noir, among other selections.

Burrowing Owl Winery
The winery and vineyard are located in the northernmost tip of the Sonora Desert near Oliver, BC. The location is one of the most highly rated grape-growing locations in the Okanagan Valley. The winery began with the planting of their grapes in 1993 and a winery license was obtained in 1997. The site has a beautiful fine-dining Restaurant and luxurious Guest House both of which we keep promising ourselves to enjoy on our next trip to Burrowing Owl, but have yet to do so.

Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir
We tasted the 2009 Pinot Noir which we have had for a little over a year. The Pinot Noir could be classified as a light to medium bodied wine. Light in colour with smells of cherry and cedar the Pinot looked great in the glass. The taste was filled with cherry and a little bit of a smokey and spicy finish. While we generally enjoy Pinot Noir’s and this one was no exception, at $30.00 it didn’t represent a value for the impression it left us with.


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