Black Hills Estate
The Black Hills Estate Winery is located halfway between the desert towns of Osoyoos and Oliver, BC. The winery has perfect growing conditions for their four clones of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot each, along with two clones of Cabernet Franc. The area boasts the driest conditions in Canada. They have Environmental Farm Status for their commitment to sustainable, farm friendly practices.

We’ve been to Black Hills a number of years ago and have never been disappointed in their wines. They are (in our minds) most famous for their Nota Bene wine, which is a blend of the above three mentioned grapes. This particular bottle of Black Hills Rose was purchased in a specialty wine shop in Yaletown, in part because it was on sale at a great price $24.99 instead of the usual $31-$32.

Black Hills Rose
The Rose is a blend of Pinot Noir, Gamey Noir and Malbec grapes (all of our favourites) that are fermented in stainless steel. The 2019 Rose was bottled in early 2020. It is a very light pink color and looked beautiful in the bottle. The taste is medium bodied with fruit flavors like Watermelon which we don’t normally find in a Rose. The finish is very smooth, silky and easy to drink. It was great with our Fresh Prep dinner of the day – Crispy Wild Sockeye Salmon. It is a bit more expensive than the typical Rose we buy, but it is worth it in our opinion.

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