Black Cloud Wine
Earlier this year we joined the Black Cloud Wine Club, primarily because all they make is Pinot Noir, Tara’s favourite red wine, and one Rose. Black Cloud produces great wine… bonus! We previously blogged about our first shipment which was three bottles of the 2013¬†Cumulus Nimbus Pinot Noir. You can read that blog post here. The other day we received our second shipment which included three bottles of the 2013 Fleuvage Pinot Noir.

Three Bottles
We learned years ago at a wine seminar that three bottles is the right number in a shipment. Of course on receiving your wine you want to open one bottle right away to try it (that’s a given). If you like the wine you are likely to want to save the other two bottles for a special event, possibly with good friends over a meal.
Of course when you open that second bottle and are enjoying it with good company and having a good time you may want to have another bottle, which is where bottle three comes into play. Seems to work for us.
Black Cloud Pinot Noir

2013 Black Cloud Fleuvage Pinot Noir
The 2013 grape growing season was a long warm one in the Okanagan Valley. The grapes for this Pinot Noir are from Loveridge Ranch on Naramata Bench near Penticton, BC. It was a great year for the grapes and consequently the Fleuvage Pinot Noir benefited. It is light red in color with a bit of sweetness and some cherry notes. It has a smooth, clean finish that we really enjoyed. The Fleuvage Pinot Noir is available in their online store for $45.00 per bottle. We would recommend a bottle or three ūüôā


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