Late Fall Barbecue and Wine
During the summer months (about once per month) we like to go down to our fourth floor common area patio and barbeque brunch. On this day it was early September and Vancouver was enjoying an extended summer with above normal temperatures. So we loaded up eggs, real pan fried potatoes, home-made cinnamon toast (Thanks Stacey) and decided on a bottle wine to accompany brunch (yes, it was after 12:00).

Beringer Winery
The Beringer winery is located right in the heart of the Napa Valley. Beringer Vineyards holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating winery in the region. The very first Beringer brother’s purchased the land back in 1875.

Beringer White Zinfandel
With our breakfast/brunch we selected a 2010 White Zinfandel. The wine could be described as a California Rose as well. Beringer was celebrating 20 years of their White Zinfandel with the 2010 production. The wine is very light pink in colour, with big bold berry flavours in the smell. The taste was smooth with strong strawberry flavours and with a bit of dry after taste. While we enjoyed the wine and would by it again, the dry finish put us off a bit.


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