Wine Tasting at Home
As per usual when we dine at home on the weekends there is usually a good bottle of wine involved (or sometimes two). We have blogged previously about this wine back in October of 2010, so let’s see if our opinion has changed. You can also read our thoughts on the Babich Marlborough Black Label Sauvignon Blanc here that we tasted in November of 2010.

Babich Wine Background
The wine was one of four bottles we purchased at University Golf Club during a wine maker’s dinner a couple of years ago. We have really enjoyed a number of the selections from Babich Wines which remains a family owned winery in New Zealand. The other thing we don’t do often is consider wines from New Zealand, yet each time we have opened a Babich wine we have really enjoyed them. I had forgotten was just how many different types of wine labels Babich bottles under. There is a really great looking selection and I think a trip to our local specialty wine shop might be in order to secure some other bottles.

Babich Hawke’s Bay Syrah
The Syrah is one of four wines from Babich that is labeled under the Winemakers’ Reserve brand. The others are Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and a Merlot. This particular bottle was a 2007 and their website lists that the 2008 and 2009 are both currently available. The smell yielded sweet dark fruit and the taste was similar, smooth. A little bit of pepper spice and a tiny hint of oak at the finish made this wine a home run for us (again).

Luckily for us we still have one more bottle of the Babich Syrah on the shelf.