Adega Winery
Adega Winery or rather Adega on 45th is an Estate Winery located in Osoyoos, BC. A few weeks ago on a trip to Osoyoos we stumbled upon the winery as we were coming down a bench from the Nk’mip Winery. It wasn’t on our planned list, but we wanted to visit another winery close to our home base before heading back. Adega is located off Main Street and a short drive down 45th street to the gravel driveway. It is a true family winery having started growing fruit on the land in 1966, converting it to grapes in 2009 and opening the winery in 2012.

Adega Manuel
Each of the wines has a unique story and Manuel is no different, named for the father of the family. All of the Manuel grapes are estate grown and aged in French oak barrels. It is an easy to drink red wine. The wine had aromas of cheery, with hints of raspberry and vanilla and a faint smell of cedar. It is recommended to cellar 4-7 years which clearly we did not do. At $20.00 per bottle we consider this wine excellent value and would purchase it again.


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