The Dinner
After not really cooking much since Christmas (thanks to Urban Fare take out and Pizza delivery service) we decided the past weekend that we needed to have some home cooked meals. So on the first night we each cooked a dinner for ourselves (we like such different things), but on the second night decided we would cook something together and find a great bottle of wine to pair with it from our collection.

So off to the local Safeway we went in search of Halibut (main), Miso soup (sauce) and rice (side). We sort of had luck at the store securing some great pieces of Halibut and a bag of medium grain white sticky rice. But with three Safeway staff helping us we were unable to secure the desired Miso paste. As luck would have it we ran into a gentleman during our search who was able to point us to a local Asian market (Homa on Robson) that would have our desired ingredient. He also suggested the best wine pairing for the dish we were after.

Miso paste is an interesting ingredient. After boiling 2 cups of water with green onions and garlic we let it cool slightly  before adding 2.5 tablespoons of red Miso paste to the mix. It tasted too much like soya-sauce, but after a tablespoon of Horseradish and  some onion powder, salt, pepper and Worcestershire it began to taste like one of our favourite dishes from La Rua in Whistler.

We  baked the Halibut in the oven with some sea salt and lemon juice rub and of course butter. It turned out great but cooked a little faster then we thought. In any event below is the Miso broth, with sticky rice and piece of Halibut on top with some green onion for topping. 

The Wine
While we were in Safeway hunting for Miso a gentleman was trying to help us on our quest. While not successful in finding the Miso he suggested some wines when we told him about our dinner plans. They included either a Pinot Noir or a Gewürztraminer. Since we are frequent Pinot Noir drinkers we decided to go with the Church & State Gewürztraminer as we don’t drink white wines very often.

Church & State Gewürztraminer
The wine paired perfectly with the meal and is 100% Gewürztraminer. 

Winemakers Notes: This vineyard is directly across the street from Coyote Bowl in the south Okanagan. The winery has westward exposure, and a unique split of soil types – at the bottom of the vineyard it is sand with glacial alluvial deposits; however, halfway up, it changes to pure sand.These vines are an average of 22 years old giving them the traditional “old-vines” characteristics due to the smaller crops they produce,such as intense, concentrated flavours.

Our Tasting Notes:
We were very happy that we picked a white wine and will try to do so more often. The wine had a light, clean colour and a hint of flower aroma. The flavour was crisp and a with some acidity and the flavour of melons. We really enjoyed it.

We’d love to hear your comments and look forward to picking up another bottle.