Cruising is not just for seniors
We recently booked a seven day Mexican Riveria cruise this December leaving from Los Angeles. The cruise was a great deal and we had enough air miles to fly for free. But that is not only what attracted us to this vacation…we actually like cruising!

This will be our fourth cruise, and the first one on the same cruise line – Norwegien. (We have also tried Holland America and Celebrity but have booked based on date and location more than the cruise line itself.) Many of our friends (some younger and some older) are surprised when we book a cruise saying that cruising is not for them. We answer the why question quite a bit so we thought we write down a few of our reasons…

  1. We know what we like and what we don’t. And we also rarely like the same thing, in terms of food anyway. Cruising let’s us both enjoy the foods and beverages that we like and after the first day (and getting to know the staff) custom orders are easy and pretty much anything is possible.
  2. As above, Getting to know the staff over the course of 7 or more days is one of our favorite reasons to cruise. It is like being a local in the neighbourhood pub after the first day. We have not encountered any cruise line staff that is not friendly and engaging and absolutely terrific at noting your preferences. This is a testament to cruise line training programs. Golf courses and restaurants should take note.
  3.  Packing and un-packing is tiresome. In 2015 will will spend at least 100+ nights away from our current home address. We do love to travel both for business and pleasure and enjoy being ‘on the road’ but a cruise is like a floating hotel. You can set up your room for 7, 10, 14 days or more the way that you like and still see something different each time you get off the ship.
  4. Cocktails, wine pairing and more. The beverage package is a must! It allows us to try new wines without investing in a bottle and also to pair something different with each course. We can try something new at one of the cocktail bars before dinner, pair a white with our appetizer and a red with dinner. And then we can try a port or another new to us a digestif. Yes a cruise is generally about indulging. And we like it!
  5. Unplugging. Having no wifi could be seen as both a plus and a minus. We cannot run our business without wifi so cruising forces us to unplug. This is great for the length of time on the cruise (Jeff may disagree) but brings us back to a hard reality of overflowing inboxes when we return.

We are booked on the 7-Day Mexican Riviera from Los Angeles if anyone would like to join us! Here is us having fun on our last cruise…



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