I’m a Fan
I’m a Vancouver Canucks fan, love the team and I will always support them (although I am sticking to my personal boycott this year due to the lockout). It’s been a frustrating year being a fan; lots of injuries to key players, sporadic play and of course the goalie circus that has been happening. After the Canucks were down 3-0 less than three minutes into Saturday night’s game against the Edmonton Oilers it occurred to me that this is likely not the Canucks year to win the Stanley Cup.

Not Playoff Contender
The Canucks have played most of the season with little to no aggressiveness, no spirit and little sense of urgency. What they needed Saturday night was a scrap to put some energy in the team. They had multiple fighters in the game and the Oilers had a guy in Mike Brown that will usually accept any challenges. The Canucks didn’t have any fight in them nor did anyone on the team step up and have a fight. No grit, no energy, no sandpaper (a term I hate). The team is built for the regular season and is getting older. I’m not sure that this is their year or if this current group has enough emotion to get it done in the future.

I’m still a big fan. Go Canucks Go!!

Jeff & Tara Ciecko
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