As reported in the Vancouver Sun (and many other news forums), there was a gondola accident on Blackcomb (Whistler) Mountain today (Tuesday December 16th, 2008). However, as our blog Whistler Blackcomb Peak 2 Peak Gondola Opened Friday, posted on Saturday December 13th, reported on the opening of the new Peak 2 Peak gondola, we thought it was important to clarify that the accident on the mountains did not include the Peak 2 Peak, but rather an older Mountain lift. The Excalibur Gondola, which carries skiers part way up Blackcomb Mountain from Whistler Village collapsed after a tower supporting the lift toppled over.

While it is unfortunate 53 skiers/snowboarders were stranded, only 12 sustained minor injuries. Of the 12, all were released from a medical clinic on the same day and by the looks of many T.V. interviews currently airing most plan to head up the mountain again tomorrow (today).

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