What Do You Do?
This may not seem like a very important question for many of you right now but when your life is literally laid out on a calendar based on where you plan to be each week (and in what time zone) coming to a screeching halt is a bit unsettling.

In Part 1 of this blog we told you about the books and magazines that are getting is through this unsettling time of staying still. Today, we’re talking about what we are watching and hoping you’ll give us some suggestions.

Travel with Netflix
Since we have no consistent cable provider (and no cable bill 😊) we have been watching only Netflix and live sports for the last four years. With live sports now consisting of reruns, Netflix has become preferable, to one of us at least. (Yes we did watch the replay of the 2004 Game 7 between Vancouver and Calgary last Saturday night, but how much old hockey is enough really?!)

Just like our reading, Our Netflix choices are also generally inspired by travel or places (and sports). We just finished watching Season 1 of RuPaul’s ‘AJ and the Queen’. The story is the camper van journey of Robert (aka Ruby Red) and AJ (a 10-year old stowaway) as they drive from New York to Texas stopping to perform at Drag Shows along the way. It’s a great road trip story with a few laughs and great messages about people.

We just finished watching Season 3 of ‘Ozark’ starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. We never really gave the Missouri Ozark’s a thought as a place that we would like to visit but now its on the list (the very long list). The money laundering, drug cartel story is set on an old River Boat Casino ‘The Missouri Belle’ in Season 3. The local trailer trash, bible quoting and poppy growing characters are not the stars, but add so much to the story.

Travel Movies
We have not had to break into the old movies yet but if our ‘staying still’ continues too long, we may have to. Here are some of our favourite travel inspiring choices:

~ Smokey and the Bandit (1977) – Cars, trucks, a crazy road trip, and kooky laughs, what’s not to like?

~ Romancing the Stone (1984) – Ever since seeing this movie Cartagena, Columbia has been on the list. It’s one to watch again.

~ Thelma & Louise (1991) – The fictional route to the Grand Canyon shot in Utah, California and Colorado reminds us of Route 66 in Northern California and the Salt Flats and has Death Valley also on the list of places still to see.

~ The entire Bourne Series – Good for thinking about traipsing all over Europe (at some future point) and always entertaining.

And if we run out of choices there is always hockey on somewhere.

What are you watching? Leave us a comment.

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