COVID Travel
If you are reading this you likely know that we are still living the location independent lifestyle. With no travel outside of the country, then no travel outside of our home Province of British Columbia, then no travel outside of the region of British Columbia we were in, we were beginning to go stir crazy. The last 18 months have been tough on everyone and although COVID is showing no signs of going away completely, restrictions have started to loosen up, so we decided to do a Western Canadian road trip.

Final Road Trip For One of Us
We decided to take almost two months in our 2010 GMC Terrain on its final (yes we just bought something new) road trip. After 11 years and 210,000 km’s the old girl has treated us very well and we’ll miss her. Our Terrain has taken us through 4 provinces and 36 states with only a few roadside mishaps, and nothing serious. We are looking forward to the new technology and of course more comfortable seats after 11 years. We pick up our new 2021 Subaru Forester Touring Edition this week.

Western Canada Road Trip
So where did we go?

We left from Kelowna and visited pretty much every city with a population over 250,000 on the way to and from Winnipeg:

  • Revelstoke, BC – 1 night
  • Calgary, AB – 1 night
  • Red Deer, AB – 2 nights (working with Innisfail Golf Club)
  • Edmonton, AB – 2 nights
  • Saskatoon, SK – 2 nights
  • Regina, SK – 2 nights (working with Wascana Country Club)
  • Winnipeg, MB – 17 nights (with family)
  • Regina, SK – 1 night
  • Medicine Hat, AB – 1 night
  • Okotoks, AB – 1 night
  • Calgary, AB – 3 nights
  • Panorama, BC – 7 nights
  • Cranbrook, BC – 1 night (Golfed at St. Eugene Resort)
  • Nelson, BC – 2 nights (Golfed at Kokanee Springs)
  • Kelowna, BC – 3 nights
  • Mabel Lake, BC – 7 nights (working with and golfed at Mabel Lake Golf & Airpark)
  • Kamloops, BC – 3 nights
  • Kelowna, BC – 35 nights (our home for now)!

Our Favourites
Most of our travel decisions are based around either our timeshares (Panorama) or Marriott Hotels (in downtown locations). It’s how we like to travel and combine our work/ lifestyle at the same time. Here is our top five (6) locations and why…

  1. Calgary Marriott Downtown – Fantastic location and great views of the city. The bar and lounge are fantastic and the hotel is in close walking distance to many, many restaurants and pubs. We love the vibe of this hotel and make a point of staying there whenever we are close by. If you have never had an Old Fashioned (or love them) this hotel is the place to have one.
  2. Edmonton Airport Marriott Renaissance – This is arguably our favourite hotel that is just a hotel, restaurant and lounge. We went out of our way to stay at the airport for two nights, parked the car and never left the airport. The hotel has so many amenities there is no reason to leave. Always great and one of best hotel experiences you will ever have!
  3. Mabel Lake Condo – We stay in a lake view condo twice per year, and it is spectacular. Two bedroom, two bathroom with a balcony and the view is unbeatable! It is walking distance to the golf course with pizza that will rival any pizza you have ever had.
  4. Panorama Embarc (timeshare) – Very Whistleresk accommodations. There is a great hot tub that you can take your own beverage down to (and has no kids allowed). It is quiet and a good place to relax for a week and get some work done.
  5. Nelson Best Western Prestige – This is a relatively new hotel, with good food and river views but nothing overly special. We really like Nelson though as it is a very walkable town on the river with lot’s of great restaurants and pubs to visit. We have also stayed at the Hume hotel and the Adventure hotel on previous visits but none have really won us over.

Honourable Mention (who is the real #1 of course)
Momma Knight’s house (Tara’s Mom), who welcomes us in every time we are in Winnipeg. Fridge full, bar stocked, bed good, sports package alaways available on TV. What else do you need?

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