The Rolling Bistro
Last week we grabbed lunch at Feastro – The Rolling Bistro on the way home from a meeting. The truck is located at Thurlow and Cordova and has been written up as having “the city’s best tacos”. The location is such that it is not quite as busy as the carts on Howe and Granville streets and there were only two orders ahead of us when we arrived at 11:50.

The Menu
Feastro serves an assortment of tacos – several kids of fish, chicken, pork, beef – as well as entrees including fish & chips, Dungeness crab cakes, bonsai prawns and Fanny Bay oysters. The tacos are not cheap at $8 each and the entrees are $13. The tacos are made to order so our wait was longer than expected but they are definielty fresh. I ordered the fish taco and Jeff chose the fish & chips.

The Food
The fish taco was made with battered long line caught Alaskan Cod topped with chutney, cabbage, yogurt and salsa. And when I say topped I mean shell on the bottom with the rest on top on a small plate. There was too much filling to roll the taco up and way too much lettuce in general. When I tried to roll the taco to eat it the fillings and the sauce dripped out all over me and the ground. I ended up having to sit down with the plate on my lap and eat it with a fork and knife. The flavors were great but it was not the easy t0-go street taco experience I was looking for.

Jeff’s fish & chips were steaming hot and the fries were skinny, crispy and delicious. But he too had a problem eating off the very full plate that included the Red Snapper, pomme frites, tartar sauce, slaw and chipoltle (which was $1 extra). It was odd that the fish & chips was served on a plate and not in a box. Again the flavors were good but it was very awkward to eat. In terms of ‘eatability’ I prefer Arturo’s cart at Cordova and Howe. 

With all the new carts popping up in Vancouver we still have a long way to go to try them all but what a good goal to have, right? I think so, but Jeff is more of a sit-down lunch with a beer kind of guy so I may be trying a few of them on my own.