The Vancouver Canucks Season Is Over…
OK… I’ve had a number of calls, Tweets, Facebook posts, emails, LinkedIn comments etc. the past couple of days expressing both remorse for me or giving me shots about the end of the Vancouver Canucks season! Enough already, I’m still a fan and will still be a fan in October when the 2012/2013 season kicks off. I will admit it was a bit tough to ‘officially’ turn over the remote control to Tara on Sunday. It is a position she will hold until next October when the NHL season begins again. God I hope she is over Once Upon a Time and quality programming is on through the summer! 

Changes Abound For the Canucks
Clearly if the first round of the NHL playoffs has taught us anything it is that the landscape of the style of the NHL games is (yet again) undergoing some changes. I will admit when the crackdown on hooking, holding, high sticking came in a couple of years ago it seemed to me that it was creating an era of very weak penalty calls. However it grew on me and I think in the end allowed smaller more skilled players to excel. However  in 2012 the clutch and grab style of play seemed to return. Referees were allowing more and more actions that slowed down play to happen, and the skill is leaving the game (again). This return to the old style did not bode well for my Canucks.

Time For Some Change in Canucks Land?
Heading into the off season the Canucks have some big decisions to make! Starting in goal in particular with the Luongo/Schneider decisions. Schneider, while a restricted free agent, is certainly in line for an upgrade on his $900,000 per year salary. Coach Alan Vigneault (AV) clearly lost some faith in Luongo by starting Schneider the last three playoffs games, who by the way at the time of this writing leads stats for Save % and GAA (but not wins although he let in only one goal per game, gotta score to win). Other decisions include free agent Sami Salo (who I don’t believe will be back), Mason Raymond (RFA, questionable to return), Arron Rome (RFA, at $750,000 would be a good re-sign in my opinion).

Canucks Management
In fairness to AV and General Manager Mike Gillis I believe both deserve to return. The team has been great and fun to watch the past few years. Let’s face it, two President’s cups don’t’ make a Stanley Cup, but it has been fun. Let’s see what some changes will bring and give them another year! 

Time will tell… in the meantime enjoy the new Canucks logo!