Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center
About a week before Christmas I took my own day off in the city to have a spa day. I started with a massage at the Vida Spa in the Sheraton Wall Center on Burrard and followed it up with a mani/pedi at a newly opened salon The Studio (by Mika Does Makeup) right behind the Wall Center on Hornby Street. I chose the Wall Center because of a great staff member and masseuse that I met in yoga class and The Studio because of a coupon I purchased at Hot Deals Live that was recommended by Hot Deals Donavan.

Vida Spa
The spa entrance is on the side of the hotel facing Burrard separate from either of the lobbies but it shares this space with the hotel pool and gym. The benefit to this is use of the gym and pool for spa patrons. However, the downfall is the shared locker rooms, the very busy gym (local business people I think) and the fact that in order to get to the lounge you must walk back past the gym and re-enter the lobby in your spa robe. However, once in the spa lounge the space is very ‘spa like’. The lounge is large as it is the only lounge (no ladies only area) and a water fall feature is the focal point. The water seems quite loud at first but is actually very soothing. There is ample comfy seating with my favorite being the chaise loungers along the back wall and the usual selection of teas and flavored waters. The treatment rooms themselves (I was given a quick tour) are similar in size and layout to any other hotel or high end spa. Except, that is, for the West Coast Cedar Steam Cabinet and the Apothecary table used as part of the Ayurvedic Massage and Swedana Detoxify and Cleanse Treatment. On this day I was there for a 60 minute Restorative and Relaxing Classic Massage from Kirsten who I have seen before. The massage was fabulous! I will be saving my money to try the steam cabinet and ayurvedic massage next time around.

The Studio
After my massage I headed out the back of the Wall Center and across the street to The Studio by Mika Does Makeup. The space is well furnished but small, almost a bit cramped for my liking. Two manicure tables, two pedicure chairs and a makeup station make up the main floor. The second floor which I did not visit holds a massage room and a waxing room and the third floor the residence of the owner Mika. I was very impressed with the mani/pedi from Yana my Russian aesthetician but the distance from home and the space itself will make visits likely only if I am already at the Wall Center for a massage.

Friends and Family Savings
I have had quite a few massages from both registered and non-registered therapists and while Kirsten is not registered she is one of the best. If you would like her contact info and a friends and family discount send me an email (tara AT ckgolfsolutions DOT ca) or a note on Twitter (@Tara_CKGolf) and I will give you the details.