Ukrainian Cooking takes all day (or two)
A Ukrainian feast takes a while to cook. Two days for us! I am not sure how my Baba managed to cook it all in one day! In preparation for today we started on Wednesday evening by making the rice for the holubchi (cabbage rolls), mashing the potato/cheddar filling for the perogies, frying the cabbage and sauerkraut for the other perogies, frying bacon and onion to be used as a topper and making a 48 hour booze fruit compote.

Thursday morning was reserved for work but the afternoon was for cooking. Holubchi first which need to be in the oven for at leads 90 minutes and then perogies. My mom’s standard perigee dough recipe makes about 9 dozen so we planned to make three kinds and freeze about half.

In order to document the whole process we decided to use Twitter with Twit Pics and Twit Vids. The idea was started by watching @gutsmctavish24 on Twitter and his ‘poor man’s food network’ cooking show. I asked him about it  and he allowed me to use his hashtag and idea today. Below are the tweets. If you are not on twitter you will not understand some of the text but if you click on any of the links you can see the photos and the videos with the comments below.

Here also are the recipes for perogie dough and holubchi rice.

The Tweets:

Today I’m borrowing @gutsmctavish24 hashtag#poormansfoodnetwork to document my#cabbagerolls and #perogie making.

Tomorrow is Ukrainian Xmas Eve. Today is#poormansfoodnetwork 1st up cabbage rolls

Deveined & split cabbage leaves. Full reciepe & blog tomorrow. #poormansfoodnetwork – Assembling the cabbage rolls. #poormansfoodnetwork

Done rolling. Cover bottom of roaster and drizzle rolls with tomato juice or soup #pfmn – Trick to get really moist cabbage rolls… #pmfn

Cabbage rolls in oven – 325 for 90 minutes. Then check cabbage. Break for lunch then #perogiemaking next. #pfmn.

Ready for making #perogies. 1st quarter of dough for sauerkraut ones. Go.

Cutting out dough circles using a can (size from pineapple slices) #pmfn

I always cover the finished #perogies till ready to boil so they don’t dry out. #pmfn – Assembling sauerkraut perogies. #pmfn

Potato Cheddar perogies – 5 Lb potatoes to 700grams cheese

Two #perogie batches done. Now onto potato & cheddar w bacon. #pmfn

Boiling perogies – 3 minutes a dozen at a time then drain #pmfn – After boiling toss w butter. Freeze flat then bag or enjoy. #pmfn

Thanks to my helper @CKGolfSolutions and everyone who tweeted.Time to clean up my disastrous kitchen.No photo necessary. #pmfnHappy Xmas! Read Part 1 here!