Two Down, Two to Go!
Following Universal Studios and Disneyland early last week, the next parks were The San Diego Wild Animal Park and Sea World.  The first two days were filled with rides and interactive displays, while these two days were more about shows and view some unique creatures.

San Diego Wild Animal Park
The first park was the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was largely a walking tour about two miles along various paths to view a variety of different birds and animals.  However the highlight of this Park is without a doubt the Tram Ride that takes you up and around the perimiter of the park to view some of the more exotic and “wild” animals.

Sea World
The second day was Sea World!  This day was made up mainly of shows with two rides down ShipWreck Rapids (like we needed the good soaking that this ride provided).  While the Sea Lion show was good and our niece loved feeding the dolphins, the Shamu show “Believe” is worth the price of admission on any day.

All in all, we had a great time and would highly recommend a visit to both the San Diego Wild Animal Park and Sea World when in California!