If you have been living in a cave in British Columbia lately you may not have heard, buy the latest mammoth monstrosity in Whistler, the Peak 2 Peak Gondola opens today! At least it is not another high end hotel. Part of our lack of interest around this soon to be reality and momentous event is that we are not skiers, so probably don’t appreciate the magnitude of this opening, although we did live in Whistler for 3 years and while I did manage 2 downhill ski adventures, Tara had none and still hates snow. I do have to admit the runs on Whistler/Blackcomb are by far the best I’ve ever seen!

While we were in Whistler, we actually managed two trips per summer up the Whistler Village Gondola on a hot day to the Roundhouse Lodge for bite to eat and a drink. During 2007 we were able to witness the construction of the Peak 2 Peak. It really was an unbelievable site the size of the two towers that were positioned on the Whistler Mountain side to hold 4.4km of cable, 3.02km of which is unsupported until you reach Blackcomb Mountain on the other side. At the highest point you are 436 metres (1427 feet) above ground over the Fitzsimmons Creek. With a capacity of 22 seated and 6 standing the 28 cabins can transport 2050 people per hour across the two mountains.

As a non-skier, the one piece of logic that I still can’t understand is why people would take the lift up one mountain, take the Peak 2 Peak across to the other mountain and ski down? Why wouldn’t you just go up the mountain you wanted to in the first place? Seems like taking the long route on a car trip just because. I’ve asked my skier friends and no one has been able to explain it to me logically. For the winter adrenaline junkies, enjoy the ride I’m sure it will be great!

The 7 day forecast for the Whistler Blackcomb mountains is a high of 0 degrees Celsius to a low of -18 degrees (the golf season has definitely ended for 2008).

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Tara and I are doing our usual winter activity – we head to Mexico at the end of February for a couple of weeks.

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