The Greatest Place on Earth
This past Tuesday we visited Disneyland with Tara’s Mom, Sister and our Niece.  With the travel time of about an hour and half we choose to take the Amtrak train from Carlsbad to Anaheim which turned out to be a great option, particularly on the ride home in the dark versus fighting the I5 traffic.  It was a smooth and scenic trip along the Pacific Ocean.

The Rides
Once we got through the gates and down “Main Street USA” we headed for Adventureland!  Using our first Fastpass we secured tickets for the Indiana Jones ride, which currently had a 45 minute wait.  We headed through the haunted house, made two quick trips down splash mountain and even with pre-packed rain ponchoes still manged to get a good soaking.  It was then back to Indian Jones – AWESOME is the only word to describe it as you twist and turn in a jeep through the Temple of the Forebidden.  Everyone really enjoyed this ride.

The Best – As Voted By Kate (our niece)
Ride – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Show – Celebration Parade

You can view more photos from California and our Disneyland adventure on our Flickr photo page!